Allum’s competitive advantage

  • Aim to remain an attractive long term partner for our Clients
  • Strong track record from more than 40 years operation
  • Multidiscipline Capacity
  • Solutions based approach to ensure efficient deliveries and solutions
  • Our engineers are focused on working close with our Clients to provide fast response to Client requests

Allum Engineering AS

Allum Engineering provides Engineering Solutions and Technology to Process, Marine and Offshore Industries. Over the years, engineering has been the core business area, and products have been developed originating from the competent engineering team.

The company has two main service areas:

  • Engineering services to clients
  • Delivery of Water Treatment Systems for handling of contaminated water

Main engineering services are:

  • Pre-engineering and FEED
  • Detail Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Documentation

Allum Engineering’s core competencies are Structural Analysis and Design of steel structures, Mechanical design, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Main services areas are:

  • Conversion and modifications of Ship and Offshore Units
  • Cable laying operations and design of its equipment
  • Cranes and lifting appliances
  • Documentation and Planning of Marine and Offshore Operations
  • Oil treatments technologies for oil contaminated water and solids
  • Process plant layout and modifications
  • Project management and procedure development

Together, the Allum companies we delivers EPCI projects including project management, procurement and engineering services.