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Allum Offshore core business is to assign Engineers and project administrative professionals to support and complete our clients’ project teams. Allum Offshore was established in August 2017 and is organised under the Allum Group
This independent consultancy firm was established by a group of personnel with long and wide experience in the consultancy business, with a huge network of highly competent and experienced consultants.

Why Allum Offshore:

Allum Offshore aims to be considered both a preferred employer and supplier within our business areas.  All our consultants have a dedicated contact person that takes care of administration, practicalities and logistics.

Operations are run with:

  • Focus on customer’s requirement and needs
  • Focus on involving employees and consultants to enhance their abilities
  • Focus on Quality
  • Focus on Continual improvement
  • A minimum of overhead

Allum’s strategy is to serve all clients in the very best manner:

  • Excellent routines for recruiting personnel with the best match for the specified scope of work
  • Competitive price
  • Excellent HR procedures to ensure client satisfaction


Allum Group is committed to a strong focus on HSEQ and acting in accordance to all legal standards, creating a safe workplace for our employees and stakeholders.

Allum Offshore has implemented a QA system based on ISO 9001-2008.

The HSEQ-system is subject to continuous improvement and maintenance through our policies, goals, risk assessments, revisions, audits and corrective and preventive measures.

Allum Offshore is registered in the Achilles JQS.

Allum Offshore core business is to assign Engineers and project administrative professionals to support and complete our clients’ project teams.