The Allum Group of companies has a strong track record in engineering, design and fabrication of structures and mechanical components. We are involved in development projects for our clients, and also on our own in-house development projects.

3D models for analysis and drawings of components and products designed have been applied for many years. To increase the efficiency in the development, rapid prototyping is used and a three-dimensional scaled model of a part or product is printed. In addition to providing 3-D visualization for digitally rendered items, rapid prototyping can be used to test the efficiency of a part or product design before it is manufactured in the planned material quality to achieve the required strength or durability. Thus, testing may be more about the shape or size of a design. But, printed items can also be used as components pilot plants for short term testing. Allum Engineering have with success applied 3D printed full scale components in their test plants for development of process plants.