Field Engineer Piping Structure and Mechanical

Responsibilities and authorities

Be the connecting link between Site and Home office, and be the Follow-up team single point of contact  for Contractor and for home office on engineering tasks all disciplines.

Work Description:

Main tasks:

  • Propose/ comment activities to Q-plan, audit and verification plan.
  • Carry out verifications and reviews on Contractors engineering and construction activities
  • Establish and maintain communication with home office to secure that drawings and work packages are delivered within the limit stated in the Contract.
  • Make sure the Contractor engineering personnel understand the design delivered.
  • Make sure the Contractor implements “C143-KF-N-KA-00001 – Fabrication Documentation Handling -Structural Discipline”
  • Establish and operate a system for Technical Clarifications (TC) and respond to TC’s from Contractor continuously
  • Verify Contractor system including system for handling of revisions, their ability to implement revisions to the complete product.
  • Verify Contractor system for material traceability
  • Review Contractor’s nesting where applicable
  • Request Contractor to notify Company if engineering are spread to several not approved engineering subcontractors
  • On a spot check basis verify that shop engineering complies with the design engineering
  • Follow up required register information
  • Monitor performance on engineering, and propose corrective actions if required
  • Monitor necessary documentation upon delivery of scope of work from Contractor. Ship loose items, marking of items, verify pipe spool and pipe support status in MIPS.
  • On a regular basis, follow up and inspect that multi discipline construction work is performed according to drawings, work packages and specification
  • Perform ITP inspections as required.
  • Clarify and approve technical issues between Contractor, Company and Client on site, sign Site Instructions.
  • Verify punch out before delivery.
  • Prepare and regularly update an experience report for the discipline (P0133).

Interfaces and co-ordination
Interface with all other project functions.


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in offshore Engineering
  • Be familiar with Engineering procedures, MIPS, 3D modell and requirements.
  • Experience from project work at construction site.

Language: English necessary and Norwegian desirable
IT Programme:  MIPS necessary and Navis desirable

Start: 25.11.2019

Duration: 30.06.2020

Work location: Egersund

For ytterligere informasjon om stillingen vennligst ta kontakt med June Sjuve på mail: eller mobil: 91 82 82 66