MTO Engineer Insulation

Main Tasks

  • Responsible for quality and punctuality for own deliveries, based on plans, procedures and practices established in the project.
  • Define and organize tasks, practices and procedures for the Material Take-Off (MTO) function in the project.
  • Implement corrective measures in consultation with the discipline leader if there are deviations from the routines.
  • Define bulk and early MTO for principal and critical materials.
  • Select formats and profile lengths for optimal utilization of materials.
  • Establish MTO in material management system for all structural materials based on 3D model or drawings.
  • Continuously update changes to MTO.
  • Consider mark-up for material buffer (contingency), cutting and refuse.
  • Prepare material requisition to the procurement for all insulation materials.
  • Monitor excess materials and send notification of cancellation to procurement.
  • Follow up material need
  • Responsible to make sure that the discipline has material on site at the correct Site Need Date
  • Request new material thru Kværner’s system MIPS (Interface/Requisitions)
    • Follow up and act accordingly to Material Simulation report weekly.
    • Assist Construction regards to materials
    • Responsible for Consumables package on site (Min/Max)
  • Close follow up with vendor. ( weekly contact)
  • Adding and approving new items into the Consumables list.
  • Updating the Consumables list with new quantities thru out the project.
  • Assist procurement with questions related to insulation and discipline.
  • Creating new articles
  • Connecting Prefabbed material to jobs with new articles

Requested Competence:

  • Bachelor or technician with relevant skills. Relevant experience may make up for formal education.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of 3D/2D DAK-systems and technical register MIPS
  • Theoretical knowledge and understanding of Insulation
  • Knowledge of applicable project documents, standards and codes.
  • Knowledge to and experience with the MIPS and have general good knowledge to basic computing.
  • Good common knowledge towards external parties.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Be independent, flexible and able to adjust to different work assignments and demands.

IT Programme:  MIPS necessary

Start: 02.12.2019
End date: 01.05.2020

Work Location: Stord

Application deadline: 07.11.19

For ytterligere informasjon vennligst ta kontakt med June Sjuve på mobil: 91 82 82 66 eller mail