Allum Engineering AS, Allum Offshore AS and Marine Installasjon AS

The Allum companies provides services to the process, marine and offshore industries, tracing its heritage back to 1973.
The companies in the Allum Group are:
Allum Engineering delivering engineering solutions and technology.
Allum Offshore supplying consultants and advisors for hire.
Marine Installasjon delivering fabrication installation and manpower support of skilled workers.
Together, the Allum companies deliver EPCI projects including project management, procurement and engineering services. Our vision is to be a partner for our clients. Our values and actions reflect a desire to remain attractive for our clients, partners and employees in the long term perspective.

Allum Engineering AS
Engineering Solutions to Process, Marine and Offshore Industries

Allum Offshore AS
Consultants and Advisors for hire to the Energy Industry

Marine Installasjon AS
Fabrication, Installation and manpower support of skilled workers