Piping Tie-in

Njord A platform upgrade. The contract includes to extend lifetime of the platform, hence to increase the buoyancy, modifications, upgrade drilling, maintenance scope and inspection program. Fenja tie-in, Bauge tie-in and Future tie-in.


  • Work as part of the Kværner Method group
  • Tie-in is a new connection point for connection of a new pipe line to an existing pipeline
  • Method preparation of piping Tie-in’s:
    • Check in CCS (Change Control System) if the tie-in is ready for method evaluation
    • Check that the Tie-in in CCS complies with the same Tie-in in PDMS
    • Use PDMS or Navis to establish plot of the Tie-in
    • Check if piping test of the Tie-in is possible
    • Dialog with Test shop department regarding test number and test boundary
    • Check if it is possible to weld the Tie-in (back gas, pillows)
    • Evaluate if the Tie-in position must be moved
    • Communicate with engineering department if the Tie-in must be moved
    • Enter status of the Tie-in into MIPS
    • Enter plot and status in CCS when the Tie-in is OK
    • Dialog with test store regards to prioritizing pipes that shall be reinstalled. The test store need ensure that the pipe is checked, approved and prepared for reinstallation

Start date: 05.11.2018

End date: 01.03.2019

Work Location: Stord

Please contact June Sjuve for more information mobile: +47 91 82 82 66 or email: june@allum.no

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